Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Contagious Laugh no one can resist

Have you ever heard the story of Doug Collins aka "Laughman?" If you haven't then you are missing out on a laugh of a life time. His unique laugh caught the attention of an audience watching a show called the "Comedy Barn." A laugh so funny the comedian couldn't finish his show. The attention was on Doug now named the man with the most contagious laugh. MTV challenged their staff by bringing Doug to their studio. he simply laughed and everyone that met him would start laughing uncontrollably when they heard him laugh.

I tested the video below on some of my friends and family. Long and behold they too could not hold in their laugh. I tried this with a group of stressed out medical students. They too laughed like they never have laughed before. Its amazing how one persons laugh can spread like a wild fire. 

On my worst day I watch this clip and it surely does make me laugh.Bring laughter into your life and I bet you will see how your life will change.

Watch the full version clip and try not to laugh. 18 million people have viewed these clips and laughed. His life changed after this showed on youtube. He now has his own App on the iphone. WOW!!!

Check the videos below. Do you feel his laughter is contagious? Please comment. 
Short Clip

Full version

iphone App

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Emergency Clown Nose - Never leave home without it.

Everyone needs one of these. Its called "Emergency Clown Nose" I still have some in inventory if anyone is interested in purchasing one. Click the button below to place your order NOW.
Even a Laughter Yoga instructor is down sometimes, remember I am human. The point is I know how to handle my stress. I went to the medicine cabinet, which I call "The Laughter Cabinet." and I found my remedy, The Emergency Clown nose. I broke the seal and placed it on the tip of my nose. I even pulled out an old dred lock wig/ costume. I wore some bright colors and the at was my prescription for a better mood.
No Doc, No medications just good old fun and laughter. Before I knew it I started feeling better.
You see, dressing like a clown made me feel like a clown, I felt stupid and silly. Yet this simple remedy got them "Endorphins" released again. Endorphins are the feel good chemicals released into your bloodstream when you are happy. That's when I saw a smile and I knew I found yet another cure. My headache was gone and I was ready to enjoy the rest of my day.

I caution you to use the Emergency Clown Nose as directed. See instructions below. "This is printed on the back of the bottle." (see below)


Warning: For your safety it is advised that you first apply Emergency clown nose before attempting comic behavior in public.
Dosage: Apply as needed

External use only: Not to be taken seriously
Common Sense: Keep clean and dry 

My Directions 

Carry emergency clown nose with you every where you go. When someone annoys you or if you happen to run into someone in a bad mood. Break the seal and put on the emergency clown nose. You will make someones day. If you're in a bad mood apply it as needed and make some silly faces in the mirror. 

What do you do to make others laugh? Please comment.

This blog is about trying new things to reduce stress. SO try it why don't you !!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Laugh A Day Keeps the Doctor Away !!!! REALLY

The next time you get stressed or depressed try fake laughing. It really works if you try it. I dare you to fake laugh for about 10 minutes, the longer the better. Hold a pen between your teeth horizontally. Leave it for at least10 minutes or longer. Ahhhh hahhhh do you feel different?

Holding a pen in  your mouth forces you to make a fake smile no matter how you feel. This sends messages to the brain that you are in a good mood. Ever heard of "Endorphins?" these happy chemicals get released into your bloodstream and you soon will feel its affects.

As a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. I thought this was crazy at first, but I tried it and it worked. FUNNY now I am certified in Laughter Yoga.

I bet you never thought someone could actually get certified in Laughter. 

See the link below. This is backed up with research. Here is a report from CNN. Please comment. Do you think laughter is truely the best medicine?